Dear Fellow Tennis Players:

I write with good news. The Albany Tennis Club is targeting June 1 to open for tennis.

Over the past weeks many of you have asked when, and if, the Club will open for the season. Given the initial prohibition on most forms of recreation, including tennis, the answer to this point was uncertain. Things began to break quickly this week, however, with Albany County allowed to enter Phase I of resumption of activities as well as clarification on safe tennis practices, including what initially appeared to be a "no doubles" rule governing tennis play. We're pleased to report that doubles will be allowed, and we believe it can be played safely. In sum, the ATC Board now feels comfortable in moving forward to open for both singles and doubles play.

As you might expect, however, there will be unavoidable concessions to operating safely in the current pandemic environment and this will not be "business as usual" as we enjoyed our Club in the past. For example, the City of Albany has informed us that while Ridgefield Park is open, due to budgetary and hygiene concerns the rest rooms and locker areas will not be opened this year. While the City does plan to have porta-potties at the Park (placement unknown at this moment), we will rent two for our members' exclusive use, to be located in the yard near the shed. We are in the process of acquiring hand sanitizer stations which will be deployed at strategic locations around the courts. Common surfaces will be routinely sanitized. Social distancing and other hygienic practices must be instituted and adhered to. The overarching goal is to create a tennis environment that will be healthy and safe while not unnecessarily inhibiting our enjoyment of the game and each other. To that end, the Board is now at work in establishing specific protocols that it believes best addresses these issues, and they will be prominently distributed and displayed. We must insist that all members adhere to them - for your own and fellow members' safety.

Much remains to be done between now and opening day. Our court preparation contractor is now trying to fit us into his schedule. The sprinkler system must be charged, tested and repaired as necessary. Nevertheless, the Board is optimistic we can hit the June 1 target.

On a final note, I must underscore that our membership support is vital to the ongoing viability of the Albany Tennis Club. The up front costs associated with opening and operating the facility are significant. These costs are then offset with revenues that are almost exclusively generated by our annual memberships. The Club did not break even last year, and the Board spent the winter months developing strategies to add to our membership rolls and make up the loss. And then we were confronted with coronavirus. In truth, opening this year is a bit of a financial leap of faith, and serious consideration was given to not opening at all, lest we suffer a devastating financial loss that would be impossible to overcome in future years. This is all by way of saying that the Club needs your support, both to join and to personally assist the Board in identifying and recruiting new members.

Registration is now open! To sign up, please click the button below. As usual, payments are accepted via credit card or personal check. We sincerely hope you will join us for another summer of tennis.


Be well, and I'll see you on the red clay in just a few days.



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