2021 Year in Review


The Albany Tennis Club is thrilled to announce that it had a blockbuster year in 2021.  210 memberships were sold, which is the largest number in recent memory.  This is an increase of 54 memberships over the 2020 count.  The Club is deeply grateful to its loyal members both old and new.  We are looking forward to another great season in 2022.

Maintenance and Facilities Update

Numerous improvements and upgrades were made during the 2021 season, including:

  •        Completion of the drainage system beyond the fence line.
  •        Numerous fence posts reset along the west side of the Club.
  •        Installation of security cameras to allow for remote monitoring of the Club grounds.
  •        New water tank installed.
  •        Numerous sprinkler heads replaced.
  •        Shed area cleaned and organized.
  •        Magnesium chloride applied twice during the season to each court.
  •        Water pump repaired.

Major renovations to the park’s “clubhouse” facility are underway. The City of Albany may complete the work in time for the 2022 season.

Year-End Financials

For the first time, the Club is releasing the year-end financial data in order to promote transparency and appreciation of the funds required to operate the facility.

In 2021, the Club ran a deficit of approximately $1,805.  Payroll and court maintenance costs account for 90% of the Club’s expenses.  We faced increased costs in both categories. 



Membership Dues








Court Maintenance


(accountant, supplies, etc.)






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