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Posted by Albany Tennis Club on Friday, July 17, 2015

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The Albany Tennis Club is open to non-members. Come play on our red clay courts for a small daily fee of $15.00. Our manager or attendant will be on hand to greet you. If you need a partner, we will do our best to arrange a match for you. Memberships are available and you may find that this is more economical if you plan to play often. We offer individual, couple, family, student and junior memberships. Don't know how to get involved? We have ATC Ambassadors who will call new members and invite them into our groups and programs.  Visit our membership page for more information.


Starting this season, we will be utilizing a service that will allow us to send you mobile texts or e-mails with up-to-date court conditions. We've heard many of you tell us that you've come all the way to the Club in the past, only to find out that the courts were closed. Rather than having you remember a number to call, this information will be sent to you by the Club as a mobile text, e-mail notification or both.

In order to sign up, please go to the site: Join Albany Tennis Club text alerts on RainedOut

Enter information for your preferred method of contact (e-mail address, mobile text or both), agree to the terms of service and click Start Signup. Within moments, you will receive a validation code at the address or number that you provided, which you will then paste or type back into the Validation Code field and then click Validate Code button. Once you've completed, you're all set.

We hope that we won't have to use this often during the season, but always better to be prepared and informed.

We will continue to record updates at (518) 438-8846, but believe that this new service offers better service to our members.

For the safety of our members and guests, ATC reserves the right to close the courts based on conditions.

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Albany Tennis Club, 316 Partridge Street, Albany, New York 12203
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